iPhone users can save unlimited original-quality images in Google Photos

iPhone users can save unlimited original-quality images in Google Photos

Google Photos makes an ideal cloud backup service to keep years-old memories, be it photos or videos, perfectly safe.

The platform works seamlessly, but we also know that you have to pay for cloud storage space in order to upload images in their original quality.

Now, the good news is, there’s a loophole to dodge this, at least for iPhone users.

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First, you should know about Google Photos back up modes

Google Photos offers three backup modes: Express, High Quality, and Original.

The Express and High Quality modes tone photos down to 3MP and 16MP, respectively, and do not account for Google cloud storage, meaning you can upload as many good quality photos as you want for free.

Meanwhile, the Original option uploads content in the original resolution and takes up the cloud storage space.

iPhone loophole to upload in original quality for free

While Google’s backup options have led most people to opt for unlimited High-Quality uploads, a Reddit user suggests that people using newer iPhones get ‘original quality’ backup for free.

The person says that the format in which Apple saves photos on these devices – HEIC – is smaller in size than compressed high-quality images in size and is not even touched by Google.

Compressing these photos would make them larger

The Reddit user further adds that if Google would compress these HEIC photos and turn them into 16MP JPEG photos, they would actually become larger than their original size.

So, essentially, Google saves this trouble and uploads these iPhone photos in the resolution they were taken – even if the user has chosen a ‘high-quality’ backup.

This, however, doesn’t apply to videos

While the HEIC format loophole gives original quality uploads on a high-quality plan and saves iPhone users’ money and Google’s space and computing power, it is important to note that this only applies to photos backed up on Google Photos.

If you are uploading videos on the platform, they would still get compressed to a lower resolution, regardless of the phone you are using.

Source:- newsbytesapp